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Do Not Open Boxes!

Opening boxes causes several things:

  1. Missing parts and pieces of the product

  2. Bins become cluttered and messy with debris

  3. Other products get damaged and lose their value for other customers

Please ask an associate for assistance!

No opening boxes at Where Ya Bin Stores.
All sales are final after checking out at Where Ya Bin Stores.

All Purchases Are Final

  • No Refunds

  • No Returns

  • No Exchanges

  • No Exceptions

Line Policy 

All Where Ya Bin Stores have a line policy for Friday morning.
  • Where Ya Bin does not allow camping outside of our stores. 

  • Friday Line Policy: 

    • Stay in your car until 30-45 min before store opening. 

    • At this time, customers will be given a number. 

    • This number represents a line. Find the line that matches your number. 

    • At opening, a random number will be drawn.  The number drawn, is the first line allowed into the store 

    • After that line is let into the store, another random number will be drawn. These customers will be next to enter the store. This will continue until there is no line. 

  • Saturday-Thursday Policy: ​

    • First come, First serve. ​

Shopping Policy

  • No running or shoving. We expect common courtesy in our store.

  • One shopping cart per paying customer. 

  • No opening boxes. Please find our testing station or ask a team member for assistance.  

  • Any items in an unattended shopping cart will be put back into a bin.

  • No loitering (overstaying your welcome).

  • All Children under the age of 16 must be under adult supervision. 

Checkout Policy

  • Where Ya Bin is CARD ONLY! Cash, check, or any other forms of payment will not be accepted. 

  • Once you are done shopping or shopping cart is full, proceed to the checkout counters.

  • Items may not be tested or opened once you reach the cashier.

  • After checking out, customers may return to shop again if there is no line. If there is a line, the customer must go to the back of the line.  

Don't Be a Jerk!

No strollers are allowed at Where Ya Bin Stores.

No Strollers!

Don't be a jerk while shopping at Where Ya Bin Stores.
  • No name calling

  • Keep your hands to yourself

Where Ya Bin is an exciting, fun shopping experience. We do not tolerate aggressive behavior toward other customers or Where Ya Bin team members.    

No cash! Only credit card, debit card, google pay, and apple pay are accepted at Where Ya Bin Stores.
Only one shopping cart per paying customer at Where Ya Bin Stores.
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